A break from tradition: 2019 Reading Challenge

I don’t mean to alarm anyone by posting something that isn’t a review of one of the books on The List but there is a reason for this, I promise!

It’s to do with two of my reading resolutions for 2019:

1) Write a blog post a month. Those of you who have loyally followed each post know that this may be a stretch, given my reading speed and procrastination so, on occasion, I may have to write a post on something that isn’t a List book. So, why not start now?

2) My reading challenge. Whilst I am really enjoying my List challenge and am continuing to make my way through it, I wanted to ensure I don’t miss out on the world of other great books out there and try to read more widely. The classics are great, but they don’t always make for a varied reading list. So, I’ve created a reading challenge for 2019. It’s only 22 criteria with the idea that I will read more than 22 books, so will allow me to balance both this challenge, making my way through the List and hit my Goodreads challenge of 45 books this year.

I’ve tried to pick criteria that will give me a wide span of different literature to choose from. It’s already excited me about finding books that fit the categories and has put a spring in the reading step for this year. Additionally, I’ve already identified where a lot of the criteria can be filled by books on The List which reinvigorates me! Please join in with the challenge if you’re keen and let me know what you’re reading for 2019! I’ll keep you updated with how I get on.

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